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my little monster starts school tomorrow, she’s so grown up. 

Think about it: how many times has your good friend Logic has already informed you he has commitment issues? Several, even though you pushed them away to think about planning your one year anniversary Instagram caption.

Go on the 21st century quest to erase him: delete him off Snapchat so you can’t see his stories, unfollow him on Instagram, block him from your Facebook newsfeed, delete the old texts you reread to give you butterflies. If he won’t go away on his own, make him go away. You know it’s not going to happen, so stop wasting your time by trying. You deserve better.

We Almost Dated

The worst part of the we-almost-dated relationships is not the fact that the person is out of your life. It’s the fact that you’re missing what you IMAGINED to be an opportunity at love.

We Almost Dated

Sometimes you end up never speaking to someone who meant the world to you again. And that’s okay. You cope and you survive. Don’t let your losses keep you back from new gains.

I wish someone had told me this when I was hurting, y.g.  (via realdwntomars)

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